Preparing Your Pool For Winter

Getting your swimming pool ready for winter in Spain

Some of the things that you need to do prior to winterising your pool:

  • Remove solar cover, clean and store away.
  • In area where the water is soft ensure your calcium hardness level is to a minimum of 200ppm
  • Check the pH level and ensure the level is 7.6-7.8, slightly higher than normal. (Our pH Minus or pH Plus is ideal for this).

Winterising your pool procedure:

  • The pool must be thoroughly vacuumed, cleaned and all leaves removed.
  • Lower water level to around 150mm (6”) below skimmer and close the valve for the skimmer(s) on the plant filter and circulate through the main drain.
  • Shock treat the pool keeping the circulation system on, to increase the chlorine level to 5-10mg/l.
  • Add your winter algaecide at the recommended dose rate around the pool edge and circulate
  • After an hour of circulation, backwash filter thoroughly and turn off.
  • Remove skimmer basket, weir and store.
  • Remove plug at bottom of filter tank to drain filter.
  • Remove drain plug, lid and basket from pump and store away for the duration of the winter. If possible remove pump and store inside for winter.
  • Disconnect the heater and remove drain plug if fitted.
  • If filter is position below water level, insert winterising plugs in all circulating fittings and open all gate valves to drain system.
  • Drain automatic chlorinator if fitted, remove chlorine and flush out.
  • You can place some empty plastic containers (use small stones in the bottom to partially submerge them) and place couple in the pool and in skimmer. To relieve pressure off the pool sides when and if ice forms.
  • Fit winter cover.
  • You may need to top up algaecide, if it has been diluted due to excess rain.
  • Start checking chlorine level in the pool when air temperature rises above 7deg centigrade in early spring.
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